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We are specialist in car bodykits. Our competitive prices and services guarantee total satisfaction. We are pleased to offer a wide variety of body kits and ground effects designed to give your car that distinctive, aggressive look you are trying to achieve. In addition, we also carry a wide range of automotive accessories to customize your ride, including the latest carbon fiber and aluminum from today's top manufacturers. Please click on one of the hyperlinks below to see full list of available bodykits:
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Mitsubishi Nissan Perodua
Peugeot Porsche Proton
2K Car Paint
One of the most important component in body repair and restoration, is paint. 2K is one of the most advance form of paint, which uses a catalyst to cure the paint and to minimise overall solvent emissions. A further heat treatment follows the clear coat. It gives your car a high gloss finish and lasts long because it is more durable compared to the standard car paint. Since painting is so important, Planet Car Enterprise hired only the best. Our painting staff has had extensive experiences and undergo special training course. Training is done on a regular basis in order to keep up with the latest in painting technology.
Air Brush
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